Well planned and deliberately with us.

Fast and mindlessly you can go alone.

We bet on long-term development and structural, research-based work that
follows global trends.
Therefore, we avoid fast "ad hoc" solutions.


  • Alfa Dental

    Website development

    Search engine optimization

    Google AdWords advertising (Search and Display Networks)

  • DPD

    Google AdWords advertising (Search network)

    Video advertising

  • Berlitz

    Google AdWords advertising (Search and Display Networks)

    E-mail marketing

    Search engine optimization

    Video Advertising on Youtube

  • Notesniki.si

    Strategic consulting

    Google AdWords advertising (Search network)

Take the advantage of the power of professional communicators, planners, designers and programmers.

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What do our clients say?


Director of the company Termo Shop, Ltd.

»Besides other services of the Agency Novelus, Ltd., we also cooperate in the fields of Digital and development of online content. We are very satisfied with their participation and expertise, professional approach. Besides, it is excellent that we can have a complete package in one place, both the social networking management and Google management. We know that this is may be of the utmost importance for a good sales success and successful results.«


Marketing manager for Wienerberger and Tondach

»Agency Novelus, Ltd., took over the management of our online content, management of Google account and social networks in 2014, and since then we have been very satisfied with their work and relationships. The foundation of good cooperation are strategically oriented objectives, which we follow, and planned activities for the successful achievement of these objectives. A young team, eager to learn is just a supplement to this.«

Beatrice Šlamberger,

District Director, Berlitz Slovenija

»In the Berlitz Language Center we have noticed a trend of digitization and felt the need for a professional partner to assist us in planning, support and implementation of operational activities. Agency Novelus is a young and competent team. Knowledge and statistically verifiable analyses are their basis, and they implement their campaigns reasonably, transparently and efficiently. We are satisfied.«

Tomaž Rifelj,

Director of the company KWB Slovenija

»Digitization and online presence are a necessity that can separate the best from the average. In the presence and the absolute quantity of posts, in the KWB Slovenia we bet on the quality and target-oriented digital activities. We believe that the analytical work and clear long-term and medium-term communications strategy are also needed in all online channels. Novelus offers us the knowledge examination and performance that, additionally, through analysis, affect our business decisions outside the digital channels as well.«